St Louis Roofing Company

HOA & Community Associations

We specialize in roofing and exterior projects for Community Associations.


We understand that working successfully with an HOA requires an entirely different skill set than performing services for a standard residential roofing client. These diverse needs require a different kind of roofing company.


From our proprietary project management software, HOA Roof Watch TM, to our single-point-of-contact project managers that are dedicated specifically to your project– we are ready to give you and your fellow members the very best experience.


As far as our quality is concerned, you can rest assured, by knowing that our warranties are backed by the most significant roofing material manufacturer in the nation. We are your Community Association Roofing Specialists.

HOA Roofing Specialist in St Louis

Roof Watch Software Specifically For HOA’s

St Louis Roofing and Exteriors recently realized that there was no software out there that was designed to manage construction projects specifically for HOAs. So, we built our own.


This software helps us track every possible facet of the project and ensure that every concern of every HOA member is fully addressed quickly and fully. Whether your HOA has 10 members or 10,000, nothing falls through the cracks when it comes to our proprietary HOA Roof Watch TM project management software.

St Louis Roofing Specialty Management Software